A Little Sunday Funday!

Why Aerial Cinematography? Aerial Photography & Videography is on the rise with its innovative filming capabilities. Aerial drone photography in Miami is also becoming something quite epic. Eye Above Miami dedicates itself to aerial photography services and aerial videography services. With drone photography and drone videography in Miami being in such high demand, we are able to compete yet be …


Dronephotographyinfo.com: A Site Born Out Of Frustration

June 1, 2015 A guest post by our friends over at dronephotographyinfo.com Why Drone photography Info? Before I can answer the question as to why I started www.dronephotographyinfo.com, I have to first paint the picture of the scenario that led me to this great endeavor. I knew I loved everything there is to love about photography, one late night as …

Eye Above Miami Wallpaper

Reflect and Think Aerial!

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